Elizabeth Wisler - Eclectic Accordionist in Orchestral Style
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 It only takes a few minutes listening to
Virtual Accordionist, Elizabeth Wisler to realize that there is a new era in the realm of the accordion!

 "Music Around the World" is Elizabeth's way of
sharing the cosmopolitan ambiance of her own life.The unique Roland accordion Elizabeth plays takes on a new life in her hands bringing out dimension and character to her music! 
The international repertoire she has accumulated can take you from the tropical islands to Europe in song or create festive moods of different eras of history.
Carefully selected to reflect her own special feelings, Elizabeth's music is an extension of
herself and includes songs from the classical,
ethnic, Latin, Italian, French, Spanish, and
German arenas. Her Bossa Nova and Waltz
interpretations are from her heart and the
response to her music is one of inspiration
and surprise. She wants you to know
there are songs worth remembering.

at C6 GATE PDX Airport
at C6 GATE PDX Airport
Playing Irish jigs and waltzes using bagpipe sound from Roland FR7X accordion.
Who is that funny lady in the green hat?
Who is that funny lady in the green hat?

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