Elizabeth Wisler - Eclectic Accordionist in Orchestral Style
 It takes only a few minutes listening to live music by
Elizabeth Wisler in Portland, Oregon to realize that there is a new era in the realm of the accordion !

Elizabeth has experience performing at restaurants, hotels, banquets, weddings, holiday events, and private parties. Please discuss your musical needs for your next occasion or event at competitive rates using the "Contact Me" page.

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 Elizabeth, Virtual Accordionist, brings her individual artistry to audiences with candor and expression. Elizabeth generates curiosity and unpredictability everywhere she performs because the sounds from the Roland FR-8X V-Accordion (a sophisticated midi controller) can produce simultaneous orchestral voices.  One is able to hear other instruments on the accordion such as tenor sax, vibes, strings, acoustic bass, guitar, organ, mandolin, piano, flute.
When connected to the accompanying Roland BK-7M Backing Sound Module, Elizabeth becomes her own unique and extraordinary One Person Band producing rich and full sounds. 
Repertoire includes"Music Around the World"
French, Italian, German, Spanish, Latin,  Bossa Nova, Jazz Standards, 50's and 60's Rock and Roll, 60's and 70's classic rock and light Classical, and Ethnic.

Elizabeth Wisler does it all!

Elizabeth Wisler, Accordionist

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